After reading the communiqués released by the Southern politicians meeting at Enugu, l could not restrain tears from eroding down my cheeks. The question would be why tears?  ln the past, l watched helplessly as Southern politicians grossly allowed the North to manipulate them into fighting amongst themselves to the benefit of the Hausa/Fulani excitements. I was emotional at the shenanigans of the South who have allowed the less educated North to usurp the nation's military to pillage Nigerian society. I am particularly offended by the overzealousness of the North to return power to them in 2007. How dare the North summon the audacity to ask the South for another mandate to rule the country after 35 years of wasting the resources of the country ? The North took the advantage of the divided South to sow their seeds of discord and decimated Nigerian society, thereby rendering the common citizens to abject poverty. Many Nigerians feast in dust bins and thousands turn as beggars. Thanks to the Northern domination in their 35 years of brainless rules.
The South should retain power after President Obasanjo's term has expired for the next 23 years. My research into Nigeria entity have failed to authenticate any document where the South had solicitated for the amalgamation with the North in 1914 under Lord Lugard 's imperialistic administration. I have watched with sadness some little States in the North receive Federal allocation of funds more than many Southern states where the resources are extracted. This is not a question of being tribalistic because l am not, but advocating for equity and fairness. l query the audacity of the North to ask for a power shift come 2007 after destroying the psyche of fellow Nigerians for a greeter part of Nigerian existence. What do they think the South is - a bunch of brainless species ?

During Abacha's wasteful and stupid administration, he squandered the opportunity entrusted on him by few khaki boys by looting the nation without remorse. He controlled the country with henchmen like disgraced Mustapha and Sgt. Rogers and decimated the South by denying every Federal development to the South. He watched the Southern highways became dead traps to motorist whereas he utilized resources dug out from the Southern states to develop the North. At one time, he appointed about twelve ministers of the Federal Republic of Nigeria from his own kindred and the Northern oligarchy hailed him as a brilliant leader. l am particularly concerned and worried at the constant attack on President Obasanjo by the former Military Administrator of Kaduna State, Col. Umar, rtd. It was interesting to note that the administrator was part of the Northern domination in their 35 years of silly rule but never criticized any of the leaders. What an irony to criticize a democratically elected president whereas he praised Northern military presidents as heros. Where did Col Umar hid his face when Babangida nullified the June 12 election clearly won by the Southerner ? Why did he not display his superior political and analytical acumen during the Northern domination ?

The North claimed to be more populated than the South; if they sincerely believe in this myopic nonsense, why are they afraid to include religion and ethnicity in the proposed Census ? The Northern Senators accused the South of complicity to break Nigeria if they continue to demand to retain the presidency after 2007 and my response is, so ? Did the South ask for amalgamation ? If their conviction that the South, by demanding to rule another 23 years in order to equate with the number of years they ruled was consequent to breaking the country, l say without fear of contradiction that so be it.

I applauded the position of the Southern Forum to shift power to the South.

I will go further to request that the Southern Forum should include in their communiqué to retain power for the next 23 years in order to equate with the 35 years of Northern domination. Let us not be deceived by the vast area Lord Lugard assigned to the North, The South is more populated and more educated, blessed with endless manpower and resources to canvass for and retain power at the ballot boxes. The North has kicked the South around for so long and it is high time the South positioned them at the receiving end.
The question in my mind is where were the Northern Senators when their sons in uniform ruled and controlled Nigeria as their personal emirate for thirty-five solid years ? Where were they when all federal infrastructures were concentrated only in the North ? For heaven's sake, what is the rationale for laying crude oil pipe from Port Harcourt to Kaduna where there is no drop of crude oil produced in the area ? These are legitimate questions to be asked in a real democracy. Can anyone inform the unbiased minds the economic significance of this particular project. No question that the project is inimical not only to the South, but to the development of a country. It was a project ochestrated out of malice, envy and maliciousness.

Such wasteful project should be discontinued. It ramains a symbol, whether agreed or not, of Northern domination and devastation. In a simple term, a waste of resources in epic proportion.
The South should match the North word for word. In Nigerian politics, it is not business as usual. The president should use his executive power to create more states in the South to equate with the North. He should overhaul the Nigerian Armed Forces and create equitable number of soldiers of North and South origins; and the same scenario is applicable to Police. The president should distribute the amourey equally between the North and South.

This is how politics should be played in the country. Nigerian politics does not need Mr. or Mrs. nice president. l will be terribly disappointed if power returns to the North before 2030.

Repeatedly, my position has virtually nothing to do with tribalism, rather, it is the principle of fair play and equitable distribution of power in Nigerian democratic process. If this views are contrary to yours, so be it.

Being a patriotic and constructive political observer, l cannot conclude this piece without paying tributes to two true Nigerians of Northern extraction. One of such dignified individuals was Mr. Nas Wada in blessed memory. He spoke out against Northern domination and advocated for equitable distribution of power in Nigerian polity. May his soul rest in perfect peace. Anothe hero of mine is former military president who came to power by devine intervention after posterity caught up with Abacha. He is a solid military gentleman, General Abdulsalma. This general told the nation that he must hand over power to the democratically elected government on May 29, 1999 and he did it in style. He never perpetuated himself or plotted to install himself to life presidency. Can l say any good thing about Abacha and Babagngida, my answer is hell no.

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