It is very sad to note that the former military leaders who violated the constitution by sacking democratically-elected governments will be ignominiously rewarded by the National Assembly with generous pensions. By approving pensions for past military rulers, the legislators have symbolically told the world they approved of the over three decades of dicatorship and corruption unleashed without invitation upon Nigerians. It is a shame that those who ushered   terror, imprisoned political opponents, suspended freedom of speech, incarcerated journalists, decimated our booming economy and totally annihilated our society would be rewarded with handsome pensions.
The Senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria should be ashamed for honoring mere coup plotters who raped and devastated the country. If the efforts of these military leaders who violated the Constitution by disrupting the elected governments are noble, why did they execute other officers who were unsuccessful in their own military coups?

In my judgment, those successful coup plotters should be banned from partisan politics and every benefit they enjoy should even be striped. It was a disgrace that these coup plotters were honored with national awards and retirement packages. What is the purpose?  Instead of discouraging coup plotters, the Nigerian Senate has just extended an invitation to more coup plotters to attackand suspend the rule of law, because their pensions are waiting for them when they leave office. These coup plotters are nothing but crooks and village tugs. To watch them parade their loots and mansions built all over Nigeria is like watching one's mother being raped in public. In actuality, these crooks belong in Kirikiri. They should be charged with economic sabotage and jailed for life while the nation confiscates every single penny and properties they acquired. They disgust me with their senseless approach of even showing their shameless guts to canvas for elective political positions. They devastated Nigeria as an entity for solid 36 years, banking the nation's resources as personal inheritance, parading themselves as elites whereas they are nothing but political lilliputs and thieves.
The Nigerian people should reject the Senate proposals to offer pensions to these tugs because it lacks every conceivable human decency to do so and their actions depicts lack of moral judgment to continue to spend any kobo in addition to their loots. In a true sense, those military heads of State should be prosecuted to the full extent of law and jailed for crimes against the people and government of Nigeria. If the Senate finds it credible to award pensions to these successful coup plotters, they should, in reciprocity award such honors to Late I.D Bisala, Major Chukwuemeka Kaduna Nzoogwu and Major Gideon Okar. These executed coup plotters committed the same offense as the successful coup plotters.

Nigerians should rise up and voted out every Senator that voted in favor of this horrible bill to grant pensions to successful coup plotters.

The Senate, in one way advocated for the ban of any military intervention in the country, but indirectly encourages the future plotters to interrupt the government because their pensions are guaranteed and written in gold.

The Senate actions have no substance other than perpetuation of military intervention in the Continent of Africa and in Nigeria in particular. How can the Senate justified these pensions to the successful coup plotters?

Could they have justified the pensions that their looted funds stashed in foreign banks are in the process of depletion? Is the proposed pension awards an indication that the country enjoyed development and prosperity in scientific technology during their tyrant regimes? ls it in the field of education, healthcare delivery systems, constructions of roads and the maintenance of other infrastructures? Is it the eradication of water borne diseases or what? How about in the energy sector ? These coup plotters administered, and watched the nation slipped into backwardness while Nigerian refineries gradually meandered into gutters. During this "prosperous" time, Nigeria was importing petrol products from overseas. This period in question ushered in the death of once glorious Nigeria Airways, endless unemployment and crime rate soared to the climax. The gang activities made its ugly way into Nigerian way of life. Murders, rapes, harvesting of organs for silly sacrifice and the introduction of the infamous 419 economic voodoo became the norm in the society. Thanks to Babangida in particular.

Personally, these military heads of states deserve nothing but long time incarceration. Nigerians should rally round to fight against this Senate bill. It is useless and there is no morale justification whatsoever to shower this successful coup plotters with accolades. If the country has surplus of money in the treasury, the Senate should appropriate it for road constructions, bridges, water treatment facilities, purchases of new ambulances to improve emergency medical services in the country, provision of constant flow of electricity, improvement and upgrading communication equipments for police in order to combat the menace of armed robberies and improve the lives of Nigerian workers.

We should all oppose the  pension scheme and vent our anger over it. lt is a fraud on Nigerian people. The so called ex-military heads of state took Nigeria back to stone ages. They did not improve the lives of a common man. All they did were to enrich themselves, stashed billions of naira and other foreign currencies in overseas banks to ferment troubles in the country. l resented what is going on. The incidence of poverty amongst Nigerians today can be easily traced back to the era of the so-called military heads of state. I strongly hooe that in the near future, patriots who think and believe in the same way I do will become Senators and reverse this foolish law. If you doubt the truth of my opposition, just take a look around  and examine the life of an average Nigerian. Draw your conclusions. These military tyrants deserve nothing but long term imprisonment. I vote NO to awarding any pension relief to these past military leaders. They are just thugs who deserve punishment, not reward.

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