is a project by CITIZENS FOR NIGERIA, aimed at initiating action to stop Ibrahim Babangida from ever ruling Nigeria again.

Some of the participants in the project, mostly former journalists, lawyers and the like, wish to remain anonymous. They fear possible reprisals from the vengenful Babangida and his cohorts on them or their families, as exploits of this web site is bound to take its toil on the cabal.

Our mission is to wage a civilized intellectual battle against dangers to true and virile democratic development in Nigeria, symbolized by Ibrahim Babangida.
Our vision is to provide a fertile soil for the germination of productive democracy in Nigeria. We will achieve this by internationalizing issues that threaten democracy in Nigeria, and make stillborn the ambitions of selfish power usurpers.

One of our most potent tools is our newsletter, IBBWatch, which is intended to raise awareness among everyone interested in Nigeria's political development. Subscribe to the newsletter.

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