As my nature entails, l tend to react to issues to clear my mind when the ovation is louder. My understanding in a democratic process is that the president can submit a bill to the National Assembly for consideration through covertly or overtly depending on one's choice of word. When a bill is submitted, both the proponents and opponents of the bill employ their maneuvering techniques in the form of lobbying by any means necessary. Hence, the democratic process and rule of law are set in motion.

The killing of the bill, l mean the third term agenda is a victory for all Nigerians and a democratic process. The third term agenda is just an integral part of the total package with other one hundred and sixteen amendments. The Senate action to kill the bill with disdain without voting for other amendments such as revenue allocation, creation of additional state in the Southeast zone, rotational presidency in the six geopolitical zones, immunity clause for governors, etc, was reckless and dereliction of legislative duties. They threw out the entire bill with impunity and exonerated themselves from any complicity and called themselves heroes whereas they appropriated revenues and many of them sat in the various committees to set the process in motion. It is irreprehensible and total disregard of Senate process to kill the entire bill just because of the third term agenda of President Obasanjo. Their actions were not sincere but disgraceful.
For the purpose of this discussion, it becomes imperative and prudent to reinstate my opposition to the third term agenda. President Obasanjo, as a 42 years old military dictator, voluntarily gave up power without opposition and returned the country to civilian rule in 1979 and such gesture torpedoed his statesmanship in the world community. Obviously, this third term agenda in his seventy plus years was a disservice to him by his trusted confidants who, selfishly underestimated the opposition, should bear the brunt of the blame and not Obasanjo.
The actions of the Senate left a huge dent to the integrity of the institution. The killing of the one hundred and sixteen amendments should be seen as lack of experience in the legislative process and increases my curiosity as to their qualifications and commitments to move the country in the right direction. Their actions are laughable and showed lack of confidence in the discharge of their legislative duties. l was greatly distressed and appalled by their reckless actions. The fact remains unchanged; that is, the military imposed 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria  that is flawed and insidiously riddled with Mickey Mouse provisions. The first term of Obasanjo administration should have utilized the opportunity to convey a Constitution Drafting Committee to correct the anomalies embedded in the military doctrine called the 1999 Constitution.

The question in the minds and hearts of right thinking Nigerians would be, what follows next? What happened to other amendments killed with third term agenda? Would various committees go back to the drawing table and begin another debate on the issues already rejected? How about the wasted resources paid to the members of the Senate just to kill the entire amendments? Are we not entitled for any refund if the Senate commences debate on other one hundred and sixteen amendments already pushed to the gutters? While we commended the Senate for killing the president's third term agenda, they should equally received tongue lashing for allowing their adrenal secretion to impair their decision making process. No matter how one looks at the Senate action, l cannot, in clear conscience, give them a thumb's up for a job well done.

The time has come to correct the imbalance in the presidency and apply the equitable principle of rotational agenda amongst the six geopolitical zones. It is generally believed that the Nigeria entity belongs to all and not few dominant ethnic groups. It is morally bankrupt that the region that produces Nigerian economy is denied the opportunity to rule and have a say on its God given resources.

It is a rape to other ethnicity if the presidency returns to the North, having had the opportunity to rule the country for 34 years of Nigerian's 45 years of existence. I can say without fear of contradiction that Northern opposition to Obasanjo's third term agenda was simply to wrestle power out of him. I am afraid that the continued and insatiable quest of the North for presidency, disregarding other ethnic pride and feelings, will one day turn the entire place into a present day Sudan and Ethiopia. In the words of one famous scientist, "Anyone who cannot remember history is condemned to repeat it." In my judgment, l can honestly and unequivocally attest to the fact that Nigeria, as a nation, did not learn any lesson from its Civil Wars.
Our general attitude is to take things for granted, believing that history cannot repeat itself again. To me, it is disingenuous. The threat is real but unfortunately, the name of the game is to take things for granted and allow the status quo to remain the same, but never ask an angry man, "What can you do ?" 

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