The slightest thought that General Ibrahim Babanginda is planning for a come back to Nigeria polity is not sitting well with me as well as millions of other Nigerians who wished he had received the J.J. Rawlings's style of punishment for crimes against the loyal and law abiding citizens of our great country. Mere thought of his participation in the political process turns my stomach in the cyclonic pattern like someone feasting on a fermented bowl of black eye peas with offensive odor.
The questions raging like a wild fire in the hearts and minds of patriotic Nigerians must be: Why is he coming back and to do what? I will try in this article not to be misconstrued as a political opponent but a neutral citizen of Nigeria who will objectively and passionately enumerate few points why Nigerians should reject Babanginda's candidacy, even as a Local Government Area Chairmanship and much more the presidency. It appears that the unbelievable damage and excruciating pains he inflicted on the masses during his 8 years of silly rule were not enough for him to complete his loot.

Before I proceed pointing out his devastation while in office, I have a special appeal to present to the General and felt he would be obliged to listen to the words of wisdom. The general, as a matter of urgency, returns all the billions he siphoned out of Nigeria, apologize to the country for all the atrocities attributed to his administration; the execution of Mr. Dele Giwa without due process, the nullification of election results of June 12, renounces his filthy ambition of trying to cajole and ridicule Nigerians for the second expedition, and more so, throw himself to the mercy of the court for prosecution. There and then, patriotic Nigerians, like my humble self, would have the audacity to plead to the court to temper justice with mercy on him. Until then, Nigerians should reject him, his cosmetic smiles and bag-carrying cronies to its entirety.

The perception of a civilized mind in a civil society, politically speaking, entails that a leader who governs with the admiration of the populace and heard the screaming of the people to come back must do so to complete the programs already started; but when such scenario is contrary, the wise will heed and goes away gently, but the fool continues to chase the shadow. This is applicable to Babanginda because he is oblivion to quit when demanded. He is a fool if he can not comprehend and analyze the handwriting on the wall that the nation does not want him near Aso Rock. As a matter of fact, he deserves the same treatment given to Nicolae Ceausescu of Romania during the country's popular revolution in 1989. In many countries of the world, General Babanginda would have been prosecuted, and if luck shines in his corner, would receive lifetime incarceration with hard labor. The Okigbo Commission clearly identified him with looting Nigerian treasury. Couple of years ago, a vice premier in one of the provinces in China was executed after the People's Court found him guilty of asking for a $2oo,000 bribe, not even embezzlement of the fund. Babanginda should thank God everyday that he lives in a country where corrupt leaders are not held accountable for embezzlement, but rather, treated and recognized as national heroes.

Nigeria should emulate Chile that stripped the Tyrant, General Augustus Pinochet, his presidential immunity and prosecuted him for crimes against his country irrespective of age and status of limitation. If Indonesia can do the same to dreaded Suharto; South Korea to despotic Roo tee Woo, and thanks to the courageous blessed memory of Julius Nyerere of Tanzania, who chased the replica of Babangida in person of animalistic and carnivorous Uganda's mad man, Idi Amin Dada out of office, l wonder why this general should go free. The man needs to be disgraced, humiliated and spit upon for all his crimes against Nigeria .

The nullification of June election in which late Chief M.K.O Abiola clearly won the election should serve as a catalyst to strip any immunity bestowed on him and prosecute him to the full extent of the law. Hs insulted the nation with a stroke of a pen and tarnished the image of the Nigerian Armed Forces. He wasted the resources and manpower used to plan and execute a nationwide election – an election dubbed by international observers and Nigerians alike as the fairest and most decent elections ever held in the history of the country. He mockingly laughed and made mockery of Nigerians while hiding in the holes of Doddan Barracks with arms and armaments, waiting frighteningly to unleash an onslaught on defenseless citizens if they had dared challenge his treasonable action.

If the gap- toothed general denies looting and milking the country dry, where did he get the millions he spends lavishly everyday in his bid to buy his tenancy at Aso Rock ? Where did he get the money to build the million dollar home he lives in Minna? How about his personal university? This man really finished Nigeria and there is no excuse to grant him another chance at all. If one put the number of years he served as in his capacity as a dictator into account and calculate his salaries for 8 years; a fool who failed primary six will surely come to a conclusion that the man, indeed, bankrupted the nation without any atom of doubt. Personally, l resented what this man did to my country. Under his leadership, Nigeria society commenced its decaying processes. Lawlessness emerged as a national pride of a country. He ushered in the infamous and devilish “419” economic voodoo, thereby dragging the nation's name into gutters before the world community. He frightened foreign investors and perpetuated unemployment machinery in motion that continues until today.

Under his leadership, the country's infrastructures dilapidated to the lowest ebb; crimes and indiscipline became a norm in the society. The nation's roads became death traps and corruption was adopted as Nigerian motto which continues to hunt the country with infamous rating as the most corrupt nation in the world and he felt unperturbed. If the man has any atom of shame in his little brain, he should not show his face in public. I truly believe that he belongs in Kirikiri. Nigerians should reject him and his stolen money that belongs to the masses. I am very optimistic that one day he must surely face the justice he denied countless Nigerians like Dele Giwa. I must not forget what his administration did to many Nigerians in Diasporas and school leavers back home. I resented the fact that this man has the gut to ask the country to vote for him whereas he had a long 8 year rule of waste and infliction of pains. What is he smoking to think the country could be fooled for the second time.

I am deeply honored to join my fellow Nigerians here at AGAINSTBABANGIDA.COM to create awareness that Nigerian citizens should, and rightly so, vehemently oppose this man who has no shame at all. I will vote anytime to strip him of the so-called national award given to him for looting. This man does not deserve to be awarded anything other than prison time. As a matter of fact, all those who participated in the military coups that destabilized an elected democratic government, should be stripped of any national award bestowed on them. Any how, this could be a different topic altogether. All the sycophants clamoring for Babangida's return are doing so for one reason only – to milk the man dry as he milked the nation of Nigeria . This man does not deserve a second chance not even in the next world.

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