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I wish to use thise medium  to express the fact that many  Nigerians have not known  the  atrocities commited  by this visible devil called  Babangida. Nigerians should be informed  about all these crimes, ranging from murder, looting, opposition to the rule of law, etc.

A press  war should be drawn against Babangida on national dailies, by those who are opposed  to Babangida's come-back bid. Thise should be done beforoe  that murderer and crook, is imposed on Nigerians. This should be the type used against third term. 

Finally, a protest rally should be organisd in all  the  states' capitalls and  a grand finale in Abuja so as to get Nigerians ready against Babangida as 2007 aproaches. The rallies should  be led by such actvist like Chief Gani Fawemi,Femi Falana etc. They should be encouraged to do that, since they are known for speaking  for voiceless people and the opressed.

Ose Local Govt.....Ondo State
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May God Almighty continue to give you guy the strengtht to continue this fight. The power to overcome this number one enemy of Nigeria....(IBB). Before I wrote this piece to you guys, I had been praying for this type of organization to exist. God has heard my prayers. To be brief ....I declare myself to be # 1 enemy of IBB coming back to be the leader in my great country of Nigeria. I mean this very STRONGLY  from the bottom of my heart. I DO NOT MIND TO DIE FOR THIS COURSE TO SAVE OTHERS. This is the very honest mind set of me.  This man MUST be stopped with all available options to save generations to come. I can go at lenghty reasons why i strongly feel this way. His records in office is what i completely based my judgements on ......NO MORE ...NO LESS.Please stay tuned. GOD BLESS YOU ALL......(AMEN)......I hail from Ondo state.

O .Kenny
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You guys are doing a wonderful job. The reaction of the people behind ibbheritageclub in the newspaper made more people to be aware of your noble work. My advice is that you must be non-partial, tribalistic,and please remain focused. The Nigerian masses are behind this noble work. The people that are hailing the evil genious on know that he is not fit to be a good president judging from his track records, but because of their greed, hunger,and selfishness, they are doing this. Insha Allah, Ibb and his cohorts will never rule us again.

Felix Nnamdi

Dear Ayo (Abimbola),

We've not met physically but I meet you very often through what you guys at doing at It is quite commendable and i urge you guys not to relent. I happened to bump into your website due to series of attempts by one "mallam" who was seriously making attempts to unravel you guys identities.

The person whose assistance was being sought for the purpose of unravelling your identities imformed me that the mallam as an addent IBB supporter and aide and i became curious and chatted with the man and got your web site as well as what you guys are doing. I promptly subscribed to your site.

Be rest assured that you have a supporter in me. IBB should and must be stopped at all cost.

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