Since the inception of, concerned Nigerians have been writing, asking a broad of range of questions about why we stand against Ibrahim Babangida. Many were encouraging, some discouraging, some disdainful, many complimentary, some admonitory, some thought-provoking, many butressing, some confronting, many inquisitive, some adversarial, some opportunistic, some presumptuous, some mischievous, many gleeful and some discourteous. Name it, we have read it.

What an honor for Nigerians to write at all. To the best of our abilities, we have been replying personally to many of the emails requiring a response. However, some questions need to be answered openly. In this regard, I have isolated three recurring questions that never cease to come to my mailbox: First, why are we against Babangida alone, since he was not the only general who created Nigeria's problems? Secondly, are we sponsored by Babangida to trick Nigerians to a cul-de-sac? Thirdly, do we expect to have any impact in the political process as it concerns Babangida's candidature?

To the first question, the answer is that Babangida is the only recurring factor in Nigeria's governance for over three decades. As a soldier then, and now as a civilian, he has refused to let Nigeria be governed with a free hand. If his activities are nipped in the bud this time, real democracy stands a chance of taking root in Nigeria. We all know that he participated in every coup through the 1970s and 1980s. And after he "stepped aside" in 1993, he has had a hand in the selection of every administation, overtly or covertly. Is it a secret that he planted Sonekan, and Abacha to watch and prey on him at the appointed time? Could it be a secret that he planted Abdusalam and Obasanjo in Aso Rock? Who was not a product of IBB's maneuvering, of these figureheads?

How can one person wield so much power and accumulate so much wealth to protect that power? Why can't Babangida just let go? A reasonable answer to these pertinent questions is that there is a secret, or there are secrets, that the dictator must cover up at all costs. Right-thinking Nigerians have right to, and must actually, be curious to know why Babangida has so much stake in power at the highest level. Perhaps the easiest question I have answered so far is from a reader who asked, why is the web site just against babangida alone? My easy answer: because we are against Babangida above all else. A solution to him alone will bring a resolution for a myriad of other problems. He is symbolic of all that is wrong with Nigeria. Shikena!

Now to the second question of if we are a Babangida-sponsored web site. I do not blame Nigerians for asking such a bizzare question - our minds have been so confused and twisted that few people know what to believe anymore. I state unequivocally: we are not only against babangida, we will work to bring him down. It is nothing personal. It is a principled stand against a national problem. We are ordinary Nigerians from modest backgrounds, with lots of energy and sufficienty motivation to correct some of our societal ills. Until Babangida is politically harmless, until he is prosecuted for his misdeeds, and until Nigeria's money is recovered from him, we will not relent. Please, it is very insulting to be associated with IBB.

And to the of third question of if we can have an impact. The answer is obvious. We already have an impact. Thousands of Nigeria read our electronic newsletter, in addition to the general appeal of our web site. Even foreigners are asking us questions about Babangida. IBB's cohorts are already attacking us throught the news media. We may not yet be known to the man on the street, but a multitude of Nigerians have heard, and are still hearing, about us.

Don't forget: we've only just begun. As IBB's campaign gets stronger, so would ours. We will match him naira for diligence.

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