Femi Oyesanya
I define re-looting as a process by which a typical African dictator tries to retun to power after an original term, in an attempt to impose a second-round of misrule and corruption.  Nigeria’s "Dictator-General," the disgraced General Ibrahim Babangida, in deciding to contest in Nigeria’s upcoming elections, is a classic representation of the re-looting sydrome.  The marauding beast, once again, wants to pounce on Nigeria by the throat.  And as a vulture, he craves to return to unfinished carcass.
Dictator-General Babaginda wants to re-loot Nigeria because he is a 'Dictatorial-Shylock' who needs to bleed Nigeria to the final death. From 1985 to 1993, General Babangida plundered Nigeria. He bastardized every Nigerian institution, leaving behind a trail of faeces, death and decay that continues to foul up Nigeria up till today.  Our Dictator-General, Babangida, was a power-drunk Lucifer, the head of a government malicious to the freedom of his own people.  
The Dictator-General soaked Nigeria in economic agony, bombed a journalist, and used bribery as a tool to reward like-minded usurpers.  Any opposition in his path was met with aggressive bodily damage or intimidation.  Nigerians lived in fear for years under him. While we were all fear-bound, the Dictator-General amassed wealth  in the billions of dollars from the public treasury, while taking Nigerians to  the economic latrine. 
During his reign as Dictator-General, Babangida toyed with Nigerians, dangling all kinds of candy to trick them.  He bribed Intellectuals and priests, executed men who dare nurse opposing views, and made a sad mockery of the democratic process with the annulment, nay cancellation, of the June 12, 1993, election.
The question now is what gives this former Nigerian dictator the audacity to dream of contesting for thepresidential seat?   What makes a terrorist, journalist-killing dictator the confidence to ask for our permission to rule us again? What gives the mindless anti-democracy tyrant the right to want to contest in an election ever again? 
 Babangida has no moral justification to rule anymore.  He should have no civil right in the electioneering process. Not only does he have nothing left to contribute to public office, he does not have any respect for the rule of law, democracy and social justice.  The Dictator-General has no right to partake in any  Nigerian democratic process. Should Babangida be allowed to usurp Nigeria's freedome twice?
But the Dictator-General is a usurper for-life who can not resist his re-looting habit.  It is obvious why Babangida's hands itch for another steal.  Nigerian debt has been forgiven or paid. Oil prices have skyrocketed. Banking consolidation has given Nigerian BBanks more wealth. The Telecommunications industry has witnessed unprecedented growth. Oil price increases have also swelled the Nigerian foreign reserve purse.  The Dictator-General gloats and wants to be President again.  There is money to steal again!
The re-looting opportunities have ripened and the Dictator General knows that if he becomes president, he can lay his bloody hands on the very soul of Nigeria. Here is an opportunity for a godless rogue to accrue more foreign debt and give Nigeria once again the leprosy of foreign indebtedness.  The bulging eye  of the dictator has seen the Nigeria’s foreign reserve and he can't stop himself from thinking about stealing. Once a bandit, always a bandit!
Femi Oyesanya writes from Chicago, Illinois, USA

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