The media is rife with reports that the man who nearly destroyed Nigeria, former dictator, Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida, is rehabilitating his presidential ambition and may soon be a  presidential candidate. Reports indicate Mr. Babangida is trying to get support from northern power brokers and the United States government.

We welcome Babangida and ask him to bring it on! We warn all respectable persons and governments to stand clear of this criminal. We will regard IBB's friends as enemies of Nigeria and address them as such. We shall not discriminate. has always believed Babangida is not done with his plans to destroy Nigeria and have prayed fervently that he will not live a quiet life, lest he escapes justice.  We ask all Nigerians to be patient and encourage Babangida to come out of his hiding. If we don't, he might escape with our money and for the crimes he has committed.

Our board is meeting and watching. Please return for more details.

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