New complications have developed in the ambition of the master manipulator, Ibrahim Babangida, to rule Nigeria again. Former National Security Adviser (NSA), Lt.-Gen. Aliyu Gusau, is kicking against Babangida’s presidential ambition because of an old agreement among Gusau, IBB and General Sani Abacha that the three would take turns to rule Nigeria. With only Gusau left without achieving this ambition, he is annoyed that Babangida is always pouncing on him anytime he (Gusau) moves to take his turn.

Gusau, who just resigned from his NSA position, has, therefore, said he would not stop his campaign except Ibrahim Babangida also cancelled his presidential ambition.

His action has caused a split among Northern presidential aspirants on the Peoples Democratic Party’s (PPD’s) platform. Gusau reportedly made his feelings known to some chieftains of the Northern Political Leaders Forum at a meeting in Abuja. The session was said to be part of steps to gauge the thinking of presidential aspirants by the leaders.

A reliable source said: "The North has a fresh challenge at hand in view of the condition given by Gusau.

"Gusau has agreed with the northern leaders comprising First and Second Republic top politicians and eminent traditional rulers that the chances of the North picking the presidential ticket of the PDP would be enhanced if there is only one candidate from the North.

"He, was, however quoted as saying that he would withdraw from the race only if the leaders could prevail on Gen. Ibrahim Babangida to also withdraw.

"We learnt that he has some grouses against Babangida. He told the elders that when they overthrew the government of Gen. Muhammadu Buhari in 1985,it was on the understanding that himself, Gen. Babangida and the late Gen. Sani Abacha would govern the country in turn.

"Babangida and Abacha had their turn, leaving him as the only one left to have his turn as president of Nigeria". He was said to have expressed dismay that each time he seeks to actualise his dream of becoming president, Gen. Babangida will also throw his hat into the ring. In 2007 when Gen. Gusau sought to succeed former President Olusegun Obasanjo from the vantage point of NSA, Gen. Babangida also joined the race.

After picking his form today, sources said Gen. Gusau will move to formally declare his aspiration, but it will not follow the jamboree-style adopted by others. "Those who know Gen. Gusau will confirm that he is a methodical person. He knows that primaries are targeted at party delegates, not yet the general public," Director-General of Gusau Campaign Organisation Chief Ben Obi said in a statement.

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