Indications have emerged that Yoruba elders under the aegis of the Yoruba Council of Elders may soon pass a resolution prohibiting a former military President, Gen. Ibrahim Babangida (retd.) from campaigning in states where the language is spoken.

It was learnt that about 51 members of the YCE had appended their signatures to the proposed resolution, warning the former dictator to steer clear of Yoruba-speaking states during his campaigns. Addressing journalists in Ilorin, the Chairman of YCE, Kwara State chapter, Senator Suleiman Salawu, explained that ‘’no Yoruba man in his or her right senses would vote for IBB.”

Salawu, who is also a National Executive member of the body, counselled Babangida to forget the race to Aso Rock and pray to God for forgiveness ‘for his many atrocities against Nigeria and the Yoruba people.’

The Chairman of National Action Alliance, said the Yoruba speaking race would never forgive Babangida for his role in the annulment of June 12 presidential election won by a business mogul, the late Chief M.K.O Abiola, the death of Mr. Dele Giwa and other prominent people in the country during his evil reign.

He said, “We are moving the motion that he should be stopped and in fact barred from campaigning in the Yoruba states.

We are sending the proposal already signed by 51 of our members to the national body. He annulled the fairest election ever in the history of this country and sabotaged the whole country. He should go and clear his baggage on his shoulders first.

“If Babangida wants to come to any Yoruba-speaking state to campaign for his presidential ambition, he should forget it. If at all he is coming, then the only ticket that can enable him to come is to bring along Giwa and Abiola alive.

“His sins are unpardonable. He merged Borgu with Niger and dismantled us by separating Okun from Kwara, thereby making Yoruba in Kogi a minority and making the Yoruba in Kwara State look useless.

“It was during Babangida’s government that the Nigerian currency dropped drastically. It is a pity that the same man who devalued our currency and also encouraged corruption at the highest level would want to come back and rule the country again.”

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