If the Nigerian presidential elections were held now, no genius would come out of evil, as former military dictator, General Ibrahim Babangida, would  get the spanking of his life. Poll results reveal he will be beaten so heavily, even newcomers would win more votes. President Goodluck Jonathan, Mr. Nuhu Ribadu and General Muhammadu Buhari emerged as Nigerians' favourites for the post of President.

While nearly all of those quizzed (97%) are aware that Ibrahim Babangida has declared his intention to run for the 2011 presidential elections, only 27% think he should run for office. Of the 69% who think he should not run, 19% cited his poor reputation, while 19% said that they disliked him; 17% said that they want a new generation of leaders in a snap poll conducted by NO1 Polls.

NOI Polls is a Nigerian based opinion research organization which Works in technical partnership with Gallup Polls (USA), to conduct periodic opinion polls on various socioeconomic issues in Nigeria. The results revealed wide disparities in the level of knowledge, opinions and preferences of the respondents about these aspirants. But the company says these results could change as other factors such as the choice of Vice Presidential Candidates and the current efforts of some Northern politicians to choose a consensus candidate from the region are factored in.

The results: General Buhari (Retired) Participants in the survey were asked if they were aware of retired General Buhari's intention to run for office in the forthcoming elections. Well over 9 in 10 people (97%) surveyed were aware of this fact. When asked if they felt he should run for office, 41% said he should, while nearly 6 in 10 people (58%) said he should not run.

The Majority of the people (70%) who said he should run, cited "his right" as a Nigerian as the reason he should run. 8% said he had the "experience" needed, 5% said "he is a man of integrity", while the reason given by another 8% was "he is a good man".

The highest proportion (34%) of respondents who said he should not run, mentioned a "preference for other candidates" as the reason why he should not run for office. 22% said they wanted a "new generation of leaders", while 14% each cited a "general dislike" for the candidate and an inability to "provide the positive change need in Nigeria".

Governor Bukola Saraki While 88% of the people polled were aware of Governor Saraki's intention to run for office, only slightly over one-third (35%) of respondents felt he should run. 62% said he should not run while 3% did not have anything to say on the issue.

The vast majority (84%) of those who said he should run for office, mentioned "his right" as a nigerian as the reason he should run. 6% said he is a "good man", while 35% each said he is "experienced/ competent" and he is a "man of integrity".

29% of those who said Governor Saraki should not run, cited a "preference for other candidates" as their major reason. 16% cited a "general dislike" for the candidate,14% said he is "inexperienced/incompetent"; while 11% each mentioned a "bad reputation" and an inability to "provide the positive change needed in Nigeria", as their reasons.

President Goodluck Jonathan Almost all (99%) the people polled said they were aware of President Jonathan's intention to contest in the upcoming presidential elections. 87% of respondents said they feel he should run for office. This figure is slightly higher than a similar poll conducted in August 2010, before the president declared his intentions to contest, where 81% felt he should run.

Again, majority of respondents ( 23%) who said he should run, mentioned "his right" as a Nigerian as their reason. 18% cited "experience/competence", 16% each said he is "innovative/progressive" and he is a "man of integrity"; while 10% and 12% said he is a "good man" and he "represents a new generation of leaders" respectively.

Atiku Abubakar Awareness of Atiku Abubakar's presidential aspirations is also high at 90%, however only 27% of respondents think that he should run while 70% believe he shouldn't run for president.

The highest proportion of those who believe that he should run (87%) say that it his right to do so.

Nuhu Ribadu 86% of respondents are aware of Ribadu's intention to run for the 2011 presidential elections. Just over half of Nigerians (55%) think that he should run.

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