Nigeria's most corrupt dicator, Ibrahim Babangida, is facing hard times. You would expect Nigeria's vibrant media to cover this but they haven't, not even after Babangida's first appearance in public in recent times, which shows how badly his health is failing. IBB, who returned from a medical Hajj abroad recently, can no longer walk unassisted and looks rather too old than his official 75 years.

Ironically, the outing of Babangida's secretly-held heath secret was done through his own attempt to contain the seriously leaking details of the medical condition of his former boss, Mohammadu Buhari, another dictator who is now the President of Nigeria.

On the ocassion, all former dicators lined up to be identified in an attempt to save one.

Former military and civilian President, General Olusegun Obasanjo, went up to visit former partners in crime, Generals Ibrahim Babangida and Abdulsalami Abubakar, over the "state of the nation" and the ailing health Muhammadu Buhari.

Babangida was seen much older and under the weight of medical problems, holding a walking device as he is no longer able to carry himself under his weight.

Ibrahim Babangida returned to Nigeria after a 7-week medical vacation in Switzerland in February. Alighting from the aircraft, Mr. Babangida expressed gratitude for prayers and goodwill messages from different quarters during his vacation. He said: “I am feeling stronger and better now. I must thank Nigerians immensely for the prayers and concerns over my health. I must use this opportunity to also call on Nigerians to continue to pray for the leaders and the country to move forward in positive direction”.

According to media sources, the former military president has been ill for a long time, resulting in his inability to attend most public functions.

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